College Students

Courses for 10+2/ College students

Have you completed your Class 12/ 10+2? Aptech offers specialized courses to make you a complete IT professional. These courses are best for those who are in college or have taken their Class 12 exams.These courses prepare you for an exciting & rewarding career in IT. It will even build a base for understanding the basics of Programming

If you join one of these courses, you can even do it without affecting your college attendance or your job. The courses below help you develop high-end computer skills including Java, .NET, App development & Web development. These courses are developed in such a way as to make you ready for an international IT career.


The complete IT career program

A complete IT career program that covers the latest IT technologies. After joining this course, you can choose to specialize in.NET, Java or OST

ACCP Pro - E-commerce:

Learn e-commerce website development

With this career program, learn the basics & the advanced levels of developing payment gateways & websites for the e-commerce


Web Development

With this Web Development course, you can build a career in web designing & development. You will also learn how to develop dynamic websites, create databases & do programming.

DCS Plus:

Programming, Cloud Computing & Rich Internet Application Development

With DCS Plus, you learn the latest Microsoft, Oracle & Open Source technologies. These technologies are in demand in the IT job market all over the world

Web Technologies - HTML5:

The first step to learn to create apps

Apps are huge business! Everyone uses apps on their mobile phones & computers. This short-term course will help you learn the basics of creating apps using software like HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript.

C language:

Develop software applications using C language

ABuild a strong base in IT & programming. C is where it starts.

Programming in C#:

This short-term course is perfect for anyone who wants to start at the basic level in programming & IT. It will even build a base for understanding the basics of .NET.